The Growing Popularity of The Craft Beer Revolution

Brewery Craft Beers

According to the Brewers Association of America, there are more craft brewers in the US at the current time than at any period since the era of Prohibition. Over the past 30 years, the craft brewery industry has enjoyed soaring growth, with over 1600 craft brewers currently in operation. Visit my latest reviews at

According to statistics, the craft beer industry actually jumped by 12% in value just in the first half of 2010. The second half of the year marked even more growth – a 9% increase in volume was noted for the overall year. While those numbers might seem a little bit small, you need to compare it to performance in the beer industry over all. National and international breweries – those mass-producers of beer – actually experienced a 3% decline in volume during 2010. Therefore, growth in the craft beer industry is actually pretty significant. If this industry can experience more significant and lasting growth than the big boys, then it is certainly here to stay.

In comparison with the meager levels recorded some 30 years ago – only 8 in 1980 are known – such growth is demonstrative of the rapid success of the craft beer industry.

The craft beer boom really began in the mid 1970s, with many commentators suggesting that the true “renaissance of American craft brewing” emerged with the foundation of The New Albion Brewery in California, in 1976.

Despite the short-lived success of this brewery – it went out of business after 6 years – many other enthusiasts, drew inspiration of this venture and responded by starting their own microbreweries in the early – mid ‘80s.

The following resurgence of interest in world beers, and an alternative to the dominance of the light lager beers in the US, contributed to consistent level of growth in the craft beer industry, with annual volume growth rising from 35% in 1991, to an impressive 58% in 1995 according to the Brewers Association.

In the UK, it was reported that volumes for independent brewers grew by 9% in 2010. A report by SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers) revealed that, while the overall market suffered a decline of 3.9% last year, SIBA member breweries recorded average growth levels of 8.8%.

Brewery Craft Beers

For those in the craft beer industry, it is all about great taste derived from locally and globally sourced ingredients. It is a reaction against the perceived blandness of the more commercial beer products which have monopolized our beer drinking habits over the course of a few decades.

Despite the encouraging growth of the industry in the face of wider decline, the future of the American craft beer revolution is under threat from tax rises on the hospitality sector. It is believed that the proposed duty escalator charged on beer in pubs will have a detrimental effect on the sustainability of the microbreweries that largely depend upon such pubs. read reviews at this link.

Industry experts believe that a lower VAT rate across the hospitality sector would encourage people back in to pubs and clubs, thus helping to maintain the success of local craft breweries, the products they offer, and the staff they employ.

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